Monday Rant – Why Do Sidewalks?



Why do people insist on NOT using sidewalks?  I get that its hot outside in the summer and cold in the winter but as a spoiled American does it really kill you to walk an extra 20 feet to stay on the sidewalk?  I mean there were put there for a reason; and that reason was to tell you where to walk.

This goes for everywhere.   Sure some places *couch*colleges*couch* are not laid out very well and cutting across may seem like a good idea; but in a world where green is increasingly hard to find do you really want to trample it and cause damage?

And I get that sometimes you are in a hurry and really do need to cut.  But, when we come to work the same time every day and I see you do this every day then its not because you are running late.  It is because you are lazy.

Have you ever considered that the green stuff is what provides at least some of the oxygen you breathe?  And you are just stepping on it?  How well could you do your job if somebody was constantly stepping on you over and over again?

And just don’t do it because DFTBA man… DFTBA


So, how are all of you today?



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