Giving Time


There are lots of ways to give time.  And some of them can be fairly obscure.

There is of course actually physically giving time.  Going down to a local soup kitchen, shelter or Good Will and donating time helping them hand out food, do odd jobs, or sort through things.  This is a fine way to give back to the community and I am certain that even if you can only give an hour here and there any time you can give is always appreciated by the staff at those locations.

One way to give time is by listening to people.   Giving them your time and just listening.  And I don’t mean giving advice (although that can be part of it at some point if they ask) but, actually just listening and acknowledging that the matter to you enough that you will listen to what they have to say.  The simple act of letting somebody know they matter enough for you to listen can work wonders a lot of the time.

Another way to give time is a simple nod or smile or wave as you pass them buy.  This simple gesture that often only takes seconds and can change the course of somebodies day.  It may not seem like much but I know that personally seeing somebody I know, or even don’t know, shoot me a wave from across the floor where I work gives me a bit of pep in my step because they took a bit of time to do that for me.

What are some other ways to give time?



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