Giving In


This is one that I don’t know that a lot of people will be familiar with but I feel is one of the most important ways to give.  Giving in to somebody can be a grand gesture that really helps build relationships and speed along a project.

I am not suggesting that anybody give in to something that goes against their moral code but giving in to things that may or may not be important can really change the course of things.  Lets say that you are working on a project.  And there is a choice between getting item A or item B.  Item A may be cheaper but item B might save more money in the long run.  Also Item B looks better than item A; and it is because of these two things you really want item B but your partner is really invested in getting item A because they are trying to come in under budget.  If you force your hand to get item B it may cause the project to come to a halt (at least for a time) but if the differences are minimal and its not going to break the project then you can easily GIVE IN and get item A.

This accomplishes two things.  First, you have shown that you are willing to compromise which, for most people, makes them more willing to compromise for you.  Second, you have built up some working capitol, if you will, that will allow you to have a better time at pushing for something that you feel is more important in the future.

I am not really suggesting that you give in just to get something later but if you learn to play the game, even just a little bit then it can benefit you in the end. You can also just give in for the sake of not getting into an unnecessary disagreement.

I hope this makes sense and we can all find ways to compromise in the future (:



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