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Book Recommendations 2


I have so many books I could think of.

Spoon River Anthology. It’s a book of monologues written in poetic form about the history of a town called Spoon River in Illinois. It’s by Edgar Lee Masters who is a well known poet, but for some reason he’s not as popular, and this book is not as popular. It’s just cool how all of the stories intertwine in some way.

I know there are people that know this, and there are people who hate the author (I hate the author, but love the books) The Ender’s Game books are amazing! But even if people know them they stop at reading the first book rather than going through the rest of the series, and they are are pretty awesome! They’re intelligent and well written, Even though Orson Scott Card is known to have issues.

Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen was one of my favorite books when I was in middle school, but not many people know that one either. It’s about a boy who beats a classmate practically to death and he is exiled to an island so that he can learn to control himself. I haven’t read it in a long time, but I remember loving it.

Night by Elie Wiesel. It’s a less popular survivors account of The Holocaust. People have probably heard of it, it’s on a lot of high school reading lists, but no one talks about it for some reason? I loved it…in a way that you can love a book about the holocaust…I think you know what I mean though.

Peeps by Scott Westerfeld. Everyone rants and raves about Uglies and Leviathan and Midnighters, but no one talks about Peeps! It’s educates you about parasites in between the plot about a fictional parasite that turns you into a zombie/vampire thing that is….usually sexually transmitted…

The Boy Who Couldn’t Die by William Sleator is about a boy who undergoes some sort of voodoo spell to make him invincible, but the woman who did it basically took out his soul and uses it too kill people while he sleeps. I remember it being really good when I first read it, I haven’t read it in a long time though. The weird thing is is that you learn a lot about scuba diving in the book…..which is much of the reason why I remember liking it.

If you like horror. I remember loving a book called Project 17 by Laurie Faria Stolarz about teenagers who sneak into an abandoned asylum in order to make a documentary and end up running into some ghosts that educate them on the mistreatment of the patients when they were alive. You learn about Lobotomy and how much torture it was to be a mental patient in the 1800’s. That coupled with Ten Days in a Mad House by Nellie Bly is fantastic!





Hey all, I want to apologize for not posting about the final BookTuber today as I received a chance to go out of town and see “Twisted” by StarKid.  I will be posting the BookTube information later as well as my review of the show.

I hope you all understand.  Thank you!


Rincey Reads


This week’s BookTuber is Rincey Reads.

Upon first inspection of Rincey Reads you should notice that there are a lot of reviews.  What I like about Rincey’s reviews is that they are very well done.  So many reviewers read a book and then focus on just one or two parts of the book and that is all.  Rincey however covers, characters, plot, genre, pace, endings, and then finally an over a rating and rather or not she recommends it.

Beyond that she also participates in the BookTube community with read-a-thons and other insightful videos.  The more I paruse around and look up other BookTubers the more and more I realize that this is its very own sub culture on YouTube and one that is worth looking into for any reader.  I don’t know that I will become a BookTuber anytime soon but I can tall you that so far all of the BookTubers I have watched (and its been more than just the featured ones) have caused me to want to become part of the conversation.

So if you are looking for good book recommendations, book hauls, and a bit of insight into the BookTube communities then Rincey Reads is a great one to check out!!





Songs on a Sunday?


Where or where did songs on a Sunday go?  I know some people really like the SoS feature we used to do and there is really no excuse outside of the normal, “I moved it down on the priority list and now it doesn’t get done” excuse; but more on that later.

This week I bring you a friend of mine, Jason Munday!  I thought he had been mentioned on SoS before but I guess he has not.  Either way he is a great artist that deserves recognition.  Working very hard on nerd fun songs that are always catchy.  This is an important Songs on a Sunday though because Jason is raising money for his 3rd full length album.

As normal this album will be self produced.  As you can imagine this is a feat that takes a long time.  I am sure you can imagine that working full time on an album leave little time for anything else.  Below I am going to link to his indiegogo campaign and a few of his songs that are my favorite.  So if you like nerdy music, good music, or just fun music then please please please think about donating to this album.  As Jason says… Later Nerds!


Indiegogo Campaign
BEST Cartoon Theme Songs Ever
A Far Shore
The Dewey Decimal System
Gryffindor Rally Cry




For this week during Book Month we chose Ariel Bissett.

Ariel is a wonderful person from Canada (maybe not anymore?) who reads book outside of my chosen genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy.  Because of this I recently picked up a copy of “Ruby Red” by Kerstin Geir  as suggested by Ariel and so far I am quite impressed.   I picked this book because it was described by Ariel it is kind of a bridge between science fiction and not?  I have not finished the book yet for various reasons but I plan to soon.  The rest of her reviews are amazing and you can tell by they way she talks about books that she just loves them!!

In the linked video she talks about the 7 authors she has not read and they are all great authors.  I really liked going through this it talked about authors I am a fan of and it was nice to see they can transition to people who don’t read them very often.

I would recommend watching Ariel because she is going to give good book suggestions no matter what genre you read from the most.   On top of that not only does Ariel go though books but she also gives her opinion on lots of different things like why series are a bad idea and why authors are pretentious (same video).

The more I watch her the more I am so so glad she was suggested to me.  Insta-sub.



The World Needs A Jetpack Unicorn!!


At DFTBA News we are committed to bringing you the content you want.  Which is why when we heard that Kristina Horner and Joe Homes of Team HyperCube were creating a new game with Wyrd Games (The creators of Evil Baby Orphanage) we jumped at the chance for an interview.  So naturally we set out to talk to Kristina Horner who is obviously far more pink than Joe.

The interview itself is focused on questions that were not already answered in the KickStarter video or the subsequent YouTube play through.  So, we recommend you watch those first, contribute to their campaign, and then check out the interview.  If you read to the end it will be worth your time (:

Demo Questions
DFTBA News: During your demo play through of a few rounds it seems there was only one question asked to each person.  Was this a player choice or a recommended setting for the game?

Kristina Horner: We’re pretty loose with the rules – we found it helps the game move faster and lets everyone have equal play time if you limit it to one question per person, but when you’re playing at home with your friends – ask as many as you like!

DFTBAN: The game says 3+ players and during the demo you had 4 and one person was always sitting out.  Is there a different format that may be introduced that has more players involved than just basic 3?

KH: The game is recommended for 3-5 players, to minimize the “sitting out” time. If you play with 6+, we have special advanced rules that allows for team play.

DFTBAN: Have you considered scenario’s that have more than two options?

KH: All scenarios have at least two options! That’s the point of the game… having to choose between these two options!

Deck Questions
DFTBAN: Will the official deck contain blank cards for customization?

KH: You can buy a set of 18 blank cards as a $10 add-on in the KickStarter right now. Beyond that, we might put blanks in future expansions, but there won’t be any in the first version of the game that hits stores.

DFTBAN: The Kick Starter says it has 265 cards.  How are they cards divided? Is it 133/132 for scenario/transmog cards or is it different?

KH: There are more Transmog cards there are Scenario cards, since you burn through them twice as quickly. There are 100 Scenarios, 150 Transmogs, and 15 Round cards.

DFTBAN: Since this is produced by Wyrd Games and you have ties to Nerd Fighters are there going to be any cross over cards with either one; such as Evil Baby Tina or NF esque cards in the game.

KH: All I will say is, it would be silly for there NOT to be. 😉

General Questions
DFTBAN: Are there any planned expansions in the future.  Like a themed expansion for Cons, “Would you rather room with somebody you don’t know or sleep in the hall in just your underwear?” type questions.

KH: Haha, great question! I love that idea. I can’t say anything specifically yet, but we DO have some great expansion ideas planned. 🙂

DFTBAN: After the initial Kick Starter how long before the actual decks are out and where can you get it if you didn’t pre-order?

KH: We plan to at least demo the game at VidCon, and we’ll definitely have the full game at GenCon. End of summer, is what I will say tentatively.

DFTBAN: Have you ever considered an iOS version of the game?

KH: Whenever I bring up these crazy ideas, the guys at Wyrd tell me to stop thinking so big. Haha. But hopefully they’ll come around to the idea soon! It’s definitely something we’ve thought about!

Well that was the questions we had for Kristina.  If you have questions about Jetpack Unicorn please send a tweet to her @KristinaHorner or @Plus2Joe.

Why did I ask you to read to the end?  Well my friends and followers we have a treat for you.  DFTBA News will be getting their hands on a full version of the game, the special set of promotional cards, a poster, and access to print and play(this is equivalent to the 33$ perk on the KickStarter)  just for you!

How do you win you ask?

  1. Follow us on WordPress or Tumblr
  2. Leave a comment
  3. Leave a way for us to get in contact with you
  4. Wait till December for delivery (apologies but we were unable to get faster delivery than what the rest of the project is on)

That is all there is to it for winning!  Now please got and donate to Kristina and Joe in this most excellent adventure because remember…

The World Needs a Jetpack Unicorn


Book Recommendations 1


Book recommendations from DFTBAN Staff Writer Jay

On Writing by Stephen King: A truly moving and revealing biography about the man behind such amazing books as It; Carrie; The Gunslinger; and The Stand, as well as a thorough study of the craft. This book has done more for me as far as influencing the way I look at my writing than anything else

Coach Fellas by Dr. Kelli Anne Malone. Sure, it’s written by my mom, but the book itself is fascinating. Equal parts a historical look at Irelands tourism industry and a sociological study of the working class tour guide, or ‘Coach Fella’ that is the lifeblood if the Irish heritage tourism industry.

The Art of How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell: This book is my favorite art book of all time, from my favorite all time animated feature. The artists at Dreamworks are amazing, and seeing the evolution of the characters throughout the films development is beautiful, and in certain cases, touching. Craig Ferguson’s introduction for the book shouldn’t be missed – I’ve typed it out and have it posted above my workspace.

The Belgariad and The Mallorean series by David Eddings: This might be cheating, since these are technically 10 different books…but what the heck. 😉 High Fantasy done right. A great mix of humor, romance, action, sex, and good old fashioned magic. My favorite fantasy series, ever