For Books Sake


In a post HERE I mused about why I thought books were so important.  That was back in May when school was still in.  Now that summer has come I find myself with a bit (a small bit)  more time to read and looking for books.  When I start to look for books I ask a friend for a recommendation or more and more recently I have found myself turning to the BookTube community.

Many may not know but there is a thriving community of BookTubers out there that review and talk about books.   They are an amazing resource for books that you may or may not have heard about.   Like any reviewer you want to find a BookTuber that you can trust.  There are many to choose from in this vein and a lot of them are indexed on a website HERE.  During this month I will be highlighting a few recommended BookTubers to check out.


During the rest of the month there will also be other posts.  Some of them will be about books and certainly



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