It’s Still Not Over for Me!


Confession time.

I am an avid Harry Potter fan.  I discovered HP right as Goblet of Fire was about to come out.  I remember it well because I was working a at the American Heartland Theatre and there was one scene where I had to sit and watch a fire (because there was a curtain close and I had to be there to fill fire regulations) so while doing that I read.

I just poured through the first three books and then had to wait two days to get paid before I could get the HP and The Goblet of Fire.  After that I was hooked and I went to the midnight releases of every other book and saw every single HP move in the theatres… until HP 7.2.  Legitimately I was very tied up in day to day life and really didn’t have the time to go and see it.

Now HP 7.2 has been out for appropriately 2 years and it is now available for me to watch for free with my movie channel subscription.  And… I don’t want to watch it.  I have reached the point where if I watch it then its over; but if I don’t watch it then it still feels like they are out there.  I know its kind of stupid to feel this way but I just think that if I finish the series then its really, truly over and I have to move on.

This post was created because Leaky Con was this past weekend in Portland (I wasn’t there, just tumblr & twitter updates) and during that event it was announced that the HP podcast the Leaky News folks did is now over.   This put me in the mindset that it really is winding down. I know that JK Rowling herself said, “Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”  Even though, HP will never again be the thing it was.  Never again will literally millions of kids be clamoring to get their hands on a fresh new book about the boy wizard who lived.

I know it super cheesy, and I know I will watch it eventually but I am just not ready yet.

Anybody else feel the same way?



  1. I feel like Harry Potter will become what the Wrinkle in Time / Austin Family series was for me as a kid.

    See, the Wrinkle in Time series came out when my mom was a little kid, and though it wasn’t popular on the scale Harry Potter is for my generation, it was still hugely popular for it’s time. My mom got way excited every time a new one of the books came out, and she’d put her name on the wait lists at the library so she could read every single book as soon as possible. She spent a good part of her childhood completely immersed in L’Engle’s world.

    And, you know, the Wrinkle in Time movie was actually crap, and there was never a Time Quartet theme park. Fanfiction.net didn’t exist back then, and who knows how many kids scribbled pictures or Charles Wallace or Mrs. Whatsit, without a tumblr to share them on? But that was never what mattered, not really.

    Because when I was a little kid, my mom gave me the whole series. All in paperback, three boxed quartets with silky soft, watercolored covers.

    I read them all, and after each one I’d talk with my mom about it. We’d talk about what parts made us laugh and cry, what questions we wrestled with, why some characters made infuriating decisions. But mostly I’d lean against her side, nose buried deep in the pages, and I’d wonder if her world was still tinged with magic, all these years later. Had she been left with the same kind of wonder I felt, exhaling after I turned the last pages, when she did the dishes, or went to work, or got groceries?

    I suspected she did. She was only pretending to be grown up, only pretending to be mundane. Deep down I knew that some thirty years ago, she too had curled up and let L’Engle’s words illustrate her world. We connected.

    I love Harry Potter. I love the Harry Potter community; I love Wizard Rock and fanfiction epics, I love Harry Potter World and cosplaying before midnight releases. I love Mary Grand Prie’s little illustrations and I love “Always” tattoos.

    But, and maybe I’m wrong about this, but I don’t think I am–I would love Harry Potter just as much without all of those things. Because Harry Potter is a good story. Maybe just as important, it was the right story at the right time, for me. And there is something beautiful and true about stories like that, something that lasts. Something that bequeaths.

    You can strip away all the gifs and cosplay and collectable plushies, and Harry Potter will still be there. It’s still a good story. That’s why the fandom sprung up in the first place.

  2. I know exactly how you feel! Just remember that Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them is still going to be a movie, even if it isn’t part of the series. I think that since HP is so wildly popular, people will strive to keep it alive, just as this movie is doing.

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