Elizzie Books


Who is this spry young lady who’s hair always looks wet?  (I think I see this question on all of her videos)

Well for the sake of pure information she is Elizziebooks on YouTube and Liz IRL.   I was first introduced to Liz by her constant antics to take over the /hashtagnopants YouTube channel.  After seeing her on that channel of course I had to check out her channel.  Elizziebooks was an instant sub for me and my introduction to the BookTube Community.

On her actual channel Liz does lots of different things.  They include but are not limited to… Book Reviews, book hauls, BookTube noobs, live shows with other BookTubers, banned book coverage, reading right now videos, and BookTube news.  There is so much goodness in all of these that even if you are only a casual reader.

My favorite thing about Liz is her participation in the BookTube community.  She participates in lots of events including tag videos, BookTuber awards, and most recently in a Read-a-Thon (linked video).  And then there is Liz, the person.  She is awesome and full of energy.  I am lucky to now know and talk to Liz but before I was formally introduced to her she was always nice to answer a tweet or give friendly hello.  Liz is also part of Wonderly whom you all know we adore.

That mean’s Liz is a double treat.  Awesome person and amazing content for book lovers everywhere!!!


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