For this week during Book Month we chose Ariel Bissett.

Ariel is a wonderful person from Canada (maybe not anymore?) who reads book outside of my chosen genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy.  Because of this I recently picked up a copy of “Ruby Red” by Kerstin Geir  as suggested by Ariel and so far I am quite impressed.   I picked this book because it was described by Ariel it is kind of a bridge between science fiction and not?  I have not finished the book yet for various reasons but I plan to soon.  The rest of her reviews are amazing and you can tell by they way she talks about books that she just loves them!!

In the linked video she talks about the 7 authors she has not read and they are all great authors.  I really liked going through this it talked about authors I am a fan of and it was nice to see they can transition to people who don’t read them very often.

I would recommend watching Ariel because she is going to give good book suggestions no matter what genre you read from the most.   On top of that not only does Ariel go though books but she also gives her opinion on lots of different things like why series are a bad idea and why authors are pretentious (same video).

The more I watch her the more I am so so glad she was suggested to me.  Insta-sub.



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