Songs on a Sunday?


Where or where did songs on a Sunday go?  I know some people really like the SoS feature we used to do and there is really no excuse outside of the normal, “I moved it down on the priority list and now it doesn’t get done” excuse; but more on that later.

This week I bring you a friend of mine, Jason Munday!  I thought he had been mentioned on SoS before but I guess he has not.  Either way he is a great artist that deserves recognition.  Working very hard on nerd fun songs that are always catchy.  This is an important Songs on a Sunday though because Jason is raising money for his 3rd full length album.

As normal this album will be self produced.  As you can imagine this is a feat that takes a long time.  I am sure you can imagine that working full time on an album leave little time for anything else.  Below I am going to link to his indiegogo campaign and a few of his songs that are my favorite.  So if you like nerdy music, good music, or just fun music then please please please think about donating to this album.  As Jason says… Later Nerds!


Indiegogo Campaign
BEST Cartoon Theme Songs Ever
A Far Shore
The Dewey Decimal System
Gryffindor Rally Cry


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