Rincey Reads


This week’s BookTuber is Rincey Reads.

Upon first inspection of Rincey Reads you should notice that there are a lot of reviews.  What I like about Rincey’s reviews is that they are very well done.  So many reviewers read a book and then focus on just one or two parts of the book and that is all.  Rincey however covers, characters, plot, genre, pace, endings, and then finally an over a rating and rather or not she recommends it.

Beyond that she also participates in the BookTube community with read-a-thons and other insightful videos.  The more I paruse around and look up other BookTubers the more and more I realize that this is its very own sub culture on YouTube and one that is worth looking into for any reader.  I don’t know that I will become a BookTuber anytime soon but I can tall you that so far all of the BookTubers I have watched (and its been more than just the featured ones) have caused me to want to become part of the conversation.

So if you are looking for good book recommendations, book hauls, and a bit of insight into the BookTube communities then Rincey Reads is a great one to check out!!





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