Awesome People: Helen Keller


Currently I am in a humanities class where we are learning about all kinds of different things that create culture.  I have learned some pretty neat things about architecture, paintings, sculpture and many other things.  As I am sure you can imagine the section on literature has been the section I was looking forward to the most; and I have not been disappointed.

The chapter opens up with a quote from Helen Keller.  Now this particular class only covers up to the Middle Ages so they don’t talk about her in the actual course.  However, her quote is credited as “Helen Keller, American author”.  Now I was aware that Keller was this amazing woman who had went to school and got a degree despite the fact that she was deaf and blind but that is where my education stopped; and I think it stops for most people.

After learning, by the credit, that she was an author I went to see what she had written.  Did I find out some stuff; it turns out that Helen Keller published 12 books and several articles in her life.  She was very vocal during the woman’s suffrage movement. She was a widely requested public speaker.  She was friends with Mark Twain and Japanese diplomats.  She was a huge supporter of workers rights.  She was the first Deaf and Blind person to ever receive a bachelors degree.  She supported birth control rights for women.  She mastered many forms of language including braille, palm writing, touch lip reading, and speaking.  She is credit with helping to start the ACLU.  Later in life she also became affiliated with the Communist party in the US.

One could argue that her affiliation with the Communist party is not what most would consider a good thing however all of her other accomplishments are amazing and should be talked about when her history is reviewed.  I am not sure why so little is taught about her in American schools.  Oh wait, yes I do.  She was a woman who never married and still accomplished more than most of us could ever dream of in a life time and did it with a disability that most don’t have.  It may not be the biggest but certainly one of my top 5 complaints about American education (and I feel like this happens in most countries) is the revisionist history that is taught.

Helen Keller was an amazing women who deserves to have her entire life talked about because she accomplished so so much.


Who else should we possibly talk about?



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