Things That Should Go Without Saying But Apparently Don’t So I’m Gonna Say Them



(I’m not linking to any of the videos that have surfaced in the last 24 hours of young men talking about “how to pick up girls at Vidcon,” because I don’t want to give them traffic and ad revenue. If you happen to come across these videos, I hope you’ll join me in reporting the videos as violating YouTube’s Terms of Service, which they certainly do.)

1. Those who assault or harass people (many of whom are children!) at Vidcon will not be allowed back at the conference ever. Period. We have your names. You cannot come back. If you try to sneak in (it seems some of these people may not have had tickets), you will be arrested.

2. Every year, security becomes a bigger challenge at Vidcon, and while I do hope that we’ve made big strides toward a safer environment for conference-goers and speakers, and these incidents were thankfully isolated, we will invest heavily in increased security in 2014, including a number that anyone can call at any time 24 hours a day to report abuse or harassment.

3. Creators participating on the main stage and in panels were informed (I think very clearly) of the expectations about content on the main stage—including that their content would not be racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, cruel, or mean-spirited. The vast majority of creators adhered to these standards, and yay thank you we love you guys, but it’s apparent there some people failed to live up to the values of Vidcon in the performances. We will work harder to enforce these standards in the future.

4. It’s unacceptable to camp outside the room of people you admire, or to harass them.

5. I want to emphasize that of the 12,000 people who attended Vidcon, a huge majority (way of 99%) were awesome and kind and worked hard to make sure that everyone else had a safe and fun time. We’re so, so lucky to have such a generous and empathetic community at Vidcon, and we’re not going to let a few asshats ruin it.

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