Weekly Wrap 1: 08/05/13 – 08/11/13


Welcome to the blog post where we talk about everything from the week before and future predictions.

This week saw the beginning of daily videos, minus Sundays (more about that on Monday).

Geek Week gave me a good excuse to start videos and for a daily video I quite like the one take more conversational style.  This is something I am enjoying and want to continue to expand upon and get better with the videos all around.  At some point this will also include something better than my web cam so I can move around and better lighting so it doesn’t look like I am trying to set the Creeper on fire.

Because of the videos there has been a decided lack of actual blog content.  Over the next few weeks I expect this to remain the same.   I want to get back where I am posting one to two articles per week (minus this recap) but I need to find a way to juggle that.  There was however one blog post that was a reblog from the Tumblr of John Green talking about some of the issues the conference that his brother and him run, which is of course VidCon.  The post was mostly clear enough even if he title was a bit disheartening.  It was disheartening only because he has been doing this longer than me and I feel that one of the first lessons I learned is that nobody will ever believe in your good intentions.  Even if the people who know you believe in them the more attention you gather the more people you are going to attract who don’t know anything about you let alone your good intentions.   Either way if you are thinking about attending VidCon or you did the post is HERE in the off chance you missed it.

Monday beings the “State of DFTBA News” week for videos.  So if you are interested in that please stay tuned.  If you are not that week after that on 08/19/13 starts our fist themed period.  I am going to “borrow” a theme from the group that started me down the rabbit hole that is YouTube communities.

Hope to see you around,



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