State of DFTBAN: Overview


Yay! Got the video up on Monday.  Also this video is a bit long, sorry about that.  They will be shorting in the future… I hope.



  1. Hey there! Okay, so about the “News” moniker. I definitely like the vlogging-about-topics thing that you’re doing right now. I don’t know that it’s ever really been about international news?

    Like, there was a little bit about psychology when you had that article about self-esteem, and we talked about different ways psychologists interpret high self-esteem. But that wasn’t based on any current event, that was based on your own personal experience and me reading Neurotic Thought.

    Or you blogged about that TED talk that talked about role models for girls vs boys (Wizard of Oz vs Star Wars), that was cool. I mean, it’s not very news-y. It’s not even particularly Nerdfigher-y most of the time. But it’s a lot of fun! I really like it and I read most of them, even if I don’t usually comment.

  2. That being said, you know, content evolves with the demographic. MTV doesn’t show music videos anymore. People who like music videos create YouTube playlists; their demographic is no longer those people. But they didn’t change their name to Reality Shows TV, you know? People, like, joke about it, but no one really cares. It’s just a brand. You don’t have to change the name I don’t feel.

    • This becomes my question though. Do I become Fox News and lose the credibility I have because I have News in the name and don’t talk about News stuff?

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