Weekly Wrap 1: 08/12/13 – 08/18/13


Welcome to the blog post where we talk about everything from the week before and future predictions.

This week saw the State of DFTBAN week where we talked about everything DFTBA News

This week was more for DFTBAN so I could put info out there as a matter of record keeping and to hold me accountable.  I do not anticipate doing another week like this for a long time.

Going forward from 08/19/13 – 09/30/13 we will be using the theme of “Today is awesome because…” in celebration of the fact that Five Awesome Girls is the first YouTube channel I ever subscribed to.   Its a bit longer than I think most themes will run but it is a good place to start.   After September I am not sure where things will go. I am hoping that at that point I can have a new camera and possibly some better lighting.  Once those two things are accomplished I would like to move into maybe more of a weekly schedule but still using the theme idea.  I am not 100% sure.  All I know right now is I cannot miss a day on videos (:

What do you all think?



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