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My Weekend: Day One


I woke up a bit later than I wanted to even though I had slept most of the day before away.  I attributed this to the extraordinary headache I had the day before.  This headache was not gone, mind you, but it had mostly subsided and it was a big weekend for my Grandma so I had to go to KC!

The trip down to KC was thankfully uneventful and I got to one set of my parents house around 3.30 PM.  My mom did not get off till 5 so I puttered around on the internet and did a little bit of homework.  When my mom got home I found out that she normally takes my dad dinner on Thursday nights.  This week was Subway week so we went to Subway and got some food and headed to my dads work.

By the time we got to the restaurant it was pouring rain.   We ran in got the food and back to the car as quickly as we could.  Upon arriving at my dads place of employment the rain had slowed down a bit.   We ate and I got to see where my dad works, which was pretty cool.

Then on the way home my mom and I were talking and suddenly I realized that the power was out in their neighborhood.  In the time it had taken us to eat food with my dad the power had gone out. *facedesk*  I would then spend the next 2 hours in the dark only for the power to come back on for about 20 minutes and go back off again until around 3AM.

Believe it or not tomorrow is when the real fun starts.


My Weekend: Day Zero


I woke up Wednesday 09/18/13 in the morning with the knowledge that I would be going out of town the next day.   These days are always hard for me because the anticipation of an adventure ahead always makes the work day seem longer.

The day started out with me having just a bit of a headache.  I got in to work at 11AM per the normal schedule.  By noon my headache was so bad that my eyes were crossing and I knew it was going to be difficult at best to continue work.   I stuck it out till 1.30PM and would have liked to go longer but when my eyes started watering I knew it was time to go home.

So home I went.  I did something I dont recommend and I took more than a double dose of Excedrin Migraine and went to bed.  After waking up at midnight I decided it would be a good time to pack and get a few things done before going out of town.  By this point the headache was down to a dull roar and since I had been asleep since around 2 PM I figured taking a normal dose of pain killers would be okay.  So I took more medication and finished packing; then went back to bed.

I had originally planned to wake up at 8 AM so I could be on the road and in KC by no later than 2 PM as its approximately a 6 hour drive.

Tune in tomorrow to find out what happens next >.<


Geek Outs of the Week


What did I geek out on this week?

  1. Munchkin
  2. BBQ
  3. Real History

1. Munchkin is a card based game developed my Steve Jackson.  The games can be found HERE.  What I really like about the game is the help me hurt me nature of the game.  The over all goal is to get to a natural level 10 by defeating monsters or the ever rare “Go Up A Level” Card.  You also have curse cards that will either curse you or that you can use on another player.  You have equipment cards that allow you to boost your level so you can defeat larger monsters.

It is a great game that doesn’t take too long to learn (especially if you have played RPG’s or table top games before).  Its for 3-6 players and can be very engaging.  HERE is a video to the folks over at Geek and Sundry playing the game (:\

2. BBQ – This weekend I ended up in Kansas City, MO to celebrate my grandma’s 70th Birthday.  There is one thing that is a must do whenever I visit my home town and that is to scarf down some Barbeque.  Everybody has their favorite type of BBQ.  Some like it spicy, some sweet, some like the wet sauce, and some like the dry rub.  I am not about to bash a personal choice but for me nothing does it better than the Sweet wet sauce KC is famous for.  While I was in town for 4 days I had BBQ 3 days and it was amazing!  If BBQ is not a thing in the part of the country where you grew up I would recommend giving it a try… just once

3. Real History – This semester, in my quest to become a degree holder, I am studying American History from 1865 – Present Day.  I am really enjoying the text and teacher for this class because they don’t hold back on the dark side of history.  The facts are that America has made many mistakes in the quest to become a nation and many of those we continue to make today.  The problem with this is many of those mistakes are not taught so we don’t learn from them.   It is because those things are taught that I am kind of geeking out on history this week (:

What are some of the things you are geeking out on?


Going to Put This Here


like the music and I like the show


Another Sunday


Another Sunday and only one video this week.  Turns out that per normal my plans for making videos and actually doing it are not lining up.

Last week I had all kinds of issues with YouTube and that discouraged me so I didn’t really want to make more videos.  I am not sure why, just one of those silly things.   This is a very short update just to let you all know what is going on.  I will catch you on the flip side (:





YouTube has not finished processing my last two videos.  I am going to have to call or e-mail them on Friday to figure out what is going on.  Sorry for the delay.


*Skakes Fist* VIDEOS!!


I made a video yesterday.  It was a nice long one.  And it is still processing…   I started it at 5pm on 09/10/13…  I was checking off and on last night as a storm woke me up… It was not done when I came to work today at 11am…  I am at a loss as to what I need to do… if anything.

I tell you this because I don’t have a video for the day today because of these antics and I am hoping somebody might have some suggestions on what I can do.

A video will still be going up.  It will just be tonight.  (:

I love you all and hope you are having a fantastic day!!