My Weekend: Day Zero


I woke up Wednesday 09/18/13 in the morning with the knowledge that I would be going out of town the next day.   These days are always hard for me because the anticipation of an adventure ahead always makes the work day seem longer.

The day started out with me having just a bit of a headache.  I got in to work at 11AM per the normal schedule.  By noon my headache was so bad that my eyes were crossing and I knew it was going to be difficult at best to continue work.   I stuck it out till 1.30PM and would have liked to go longer but when my eyes started watering I knew it was time to go home.

So home I went.  I did something I dont recommend and I took more than a double dose of Excedrin Migraine and went to bed.  After waking up at midnight I decided it would be a good time to pack and get a few things done before going out of town.  By this point the headache was down to a dull roar and since I had been asleep since around 2 PM I figured taking a normal dose of pain killers would be okay.  So I took more medication and finished packing; then went back to bed.

I had originally planned to wake up at 8 AM so I could be on the road and in KC by no later than 2 PM as its approximately a 6 hour drive.

Tune in tomorrow to find out what happens next >.<


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