My Weekend: Day One


I woke up a bit later than I wanted to even though I had slept most of the day before away.  I attributed this to the extraordinary headache I had the day before.  This headache was not gone, mind you, but it had mostly subsided and it was a big weekend for my Grandma so I had to go to KC!

The trip down to KC was thankfully uneventful and I got to one set of my parents house around 3.30 PM.  My mom did not get off till 5 so I puttered around on the internet and did a little bit of homework.  When my mom got home I found out that she normally takes my dad dinner on Thursday nights.  This week was Subway week so we went to Subway and got some food and headed to my dads work.

By the time we got to the restaurant it was pouring rain.   We ran in got the food and back to the car as quickly as we could.  Upon arriving at my dads place of employment the rain had slowed down a bit.   We ate and I got to see where my dad works, which was pretty cool.

Then on the way home my mom and I were talking and suddenly I realized that the power was out in their neighborhood.  In the time it had taken us to eat food with my dad the power had gone out. *facedesk*  I would then spend the next 2 hours in the dark only for the power to come back on for about 20 minutes and go back off again until around 3AM.

Believe it or not tomorrow is when the real fun starts.


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