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Songs on a…. screw it, I like music sometimes… its a thing


Why do some people seem to have all the talent?  Why are they the ones who insist they have no talent?  Seriously, Tessa Violet aka Meekakitty got her start on YouTube making quirky videos about her life and general topics.  After that she worked with various musicians taking a break to dabble briefly into possible film making and is now back to releasing an album!!

That is right Grapes and Chickens.  Meekakitty is releasing an album. And I cannot wait to get my hands on it.  Please check out this video.  I am certain you will not be disappointed.


What the buckets??!?!?!?


Well.  I had the rest of the “My Weekend” story to go up and it never did.  I didn’t really like the direction it was going so I am probably going to just move on.  Sorry for that.