YouTube Music Awards; Not That Shocking


Some of the people I follow are talking about how bad the YouTube music awards were and how only two actual YouTubers won awards (I understand they only gave out 6 awards?  So that is 33%?).

I am a bit confused as to what we expected.

When YouTube announced that the nominations came in by views and thumbs up it was clear to me that most artists winning would be Vevo artists.  YouTube is clearly trying to cater to the big business these days and bring more “lean back” content to their site.  This is largely because the majority of the general YouTube audience is logging on to check a video a friend sent them or how to replace X part on Y device or the latest music video or cat videos; and the reality is that few people (by comparison to total traffic) actually subscribe to a channel and watch the majority of their videos.    As an example,  Pewdiepie, the number one channel that is not the YouTube spotlight channel, with just over 15 million subs worldwide counts for less than .1% of the over 1 billion unique users that visit YouTube each month.  So even Pewdiepie has a small audience compared to the amount of traffic that YouTube generates.  We saw something similar with the Streamy’s for their first two seasons.  The third season was better but still not full on YouTuber winners.

It seems the people who are the most vocal about how bad the show was are upset because “real YouTubers” didn’t win.  The way I see it this wasn’t a show for real YouTubers it was a show for people who post music on YouTube and unfortunately that means professional artists and the like.  I know some people  wanted a show where YouTubers were the only, or at least majority,  winners but the only way I see this happening is if the show is created by the very people (or their networks) that we want to honor.

Take the ApprenticeA team for example.  When they wanted to create a film festival highlighting content on YouTube created by YouTubers so they didn’t contact the Hollywood Foreign Press, or the Academy, or any of the myriad of other existing film festivals out there.  They just set out and created their own thing and when it happens this coming weekend we can all sit back and judge them for how well they put on a show; but we wont be able to judge them for excluding the people a lot of us consider to be the real YouTubers.

So if ApprenticeA, Phillip Defranco and SourceFed, Shay Carl and Maker Studios, or even the Vlog Brothers would like to create a music awards show that has only, or mostly, real YouTubers in it then it would probably be better if they took it upon themselves to create something and make the magic happen.  In fact I would purchase tickets right now.


Sure the YouTube music awards didn’t highlight that many people who make a living directly off YouTube.  Sadly, I don’t believe that was ever the intention of the show.   My hope is that this will spur somebody on to make a better show in the future that focuses on these people.  We should be the change we want to see (:


(YouTube stats: http://www.youtube.com/yt/press/statistics.html)


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