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December 25th & Fandoms & Internet Families


I know it seems sad to some that this “younger” generation is so attached to the internet.  But with all the violence and hate we see around us it is no surprise to me that people long for somebody to cling to.  In Super Natural we have characters that love each other unconditionally;  In Harry Potter we have a trio that when together can triumph over anything thing;  In Sherlock we have somebody who is a beacon of good (even if he is a bit crazy); In Doctor Who we have somebody who will aid his friends no matter the cost to himself;  And in many other shows there are many other things that people cling to.

So for those of us that have a nice life and can spend time with out families we should.  But for those of us who have families or situations that seem unbearable please know that there are people out here who understand and are in need of a friend just like you are.  So please never let anybody tell you that your friends on the internet are not real.  I have met some of my best friends on the internet and would not change those encounters for anything.  I want to say a personal thank you to Garret, Jeanie, Stormy, Celery, Moon Man, Mar-GA-ret, Jessie, MC, McBoooom, Day, Caity, Jusk, Seeks, Islid, Regan, Sean, James and the many others that I have met and made friends with over the years.

Internet friends are just as awesome as any other friend out there!


~Best Wishes, Peeta


This Poster Sucks


This poster is annoying me quite a bit.  Let me number them for you

  1. They are lying on grass? This is presumably at the funky bones exhibit but they are not in the picture.  There are so many more things that are more important to the story.
  2. Why are they the only two people in the poster?  If you have read the book you will know that this story is as much NOT about Hazel and Augustus as it is about them. It is about Issac, and Hazel and Augustus’s family, and their friends, and their teachers, and just about everybody else they encounter.
  3. The tag line… I just.  NO.  Why is this even associated with this movie?  If it were in my power I would pull the entire movie for the tag line.  It is in poor taste and this move is NOT a love story.  Not even kind of.  The first person who even introduces the concept of love is Issac (not in the poster).  /!\ SPOILER ALERT /!\  Hazel is more concerned with how she will effect those closest to her than having a relationship with anybody.  The story is NOT the love story.  It contains a love story like much of life does but it feels like Hollywood is once again focusing on the love story as if its the only story.

I hope the movie is much better than the poster.  I hope that the first trailer makes all my doubt go away.  I just feel that the tag line is way too glib for the tone of the movie.

/rant off

Thank you for listening to me rant.

Photo credit to IMDB.COM


World Premier of Saturday


Well…  Rebecca Black has released her new single called nothing other than Saturday.  Featuring Dave Days this song is a great way to forget about Friday.  Check it out.  I think you will really like it.