Water, Water, Everywhere, Nor Any Drop To Drink



The title of this piece is a repeated line from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by English poet Samuel Taylor has little to to with the subject at had in its original context but the words are quite applicable to the water shortage facing the world today.

The world is approximately 71% water.  Of that water only 2.5% of the Earths water is considered fresh water.  The World Wildlife Organization says that by 2025 up to 66% of the world will be facing a water scarcity.  This all hit home today when I was at work and very unceremoniously dumped out water from yesterday out of my water bottle.  Now I have a reusable water bottle and I think I do a pretty good job of remembering to use it instead of throw away containers but I have never thought about the water itself.    Those of us in first world countries take the “unlimited” water supply for granted.  We just dump water whenever and rarely/never think about how it impacts the rest of the world.

I am a typical American and I have a dishwasher, wash my clothes in a washer, have a flushable toilet, take showers or baths when I want, and many other things with water on demand.  This is not something everybody has and since most of our readers would fall squarely in the privileged category (at least when it comes to water) I am asking imploring all of you to at the bare minimum make sure you drink ALL of your water when you get some and if at all possible try to conserve water by maybe taking a shorter shower or making sure your dishwasher is 100% full before using… things like that.



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