WTF Love?



/!\ Warning, Incoming Rant /!\


WTF… Love?  Like, why do you have to be so complicated?  I like that person over there because I think they have a cute butt and I would like to touch their butt but I can’t because they are part of a certain so called “social” class that I am not part of.  Also I kind of once kissed their friend when we were in elementary school… so that makes it… well weird… and their dad… teaches at my school… and is my teacher… UGH… why does this have to be so complicated??!?!?

Older friend trying to help (OFTTH): But, um… Peeta that changes once you get out of High School?

Does it?  Does it, older friend with good intentions who I really just want to punch right now for giving advice that you think is helpful but its not, DOES IT REALLY?  Cause, cause the way I see it is that it only gets worse when you are an adult.  Cause the social class thing doesn’t go away. Nope, NO, not. even. close. IT GETS WORSE!! There is still that person that you are not allowed to talk to.  Maybe its because you are a service worker and they came into your restaurant or retail store or something in a three piece suit.   I can’t talk to them, cause I have an apron on or a vest with name on it or some shit.  It’ DUMB!  And then, THEN, if I do, for some reason have the guts to talk to them… THEY think the only reason I want to chat them up is because I want their money or some shit like that.  Maybe I don’t, huh?  Did you ever think that I just think you are good looking and maybe I just want to touch your butt??  DID YOU EVER THINK THAT I AM A PERSON TOO?!?!?  Just because we are not part of the exact same social class, fuck!  Gah, and it is not really their fault it is just society being a jerk.  Like, fuck society.  Ugh!  It is just stupid!  There is NO reason I cannot tell somebody they have a great butt and have them act like I have some fucking disease or something… Like, just because I dared to talk to them when we do not fit some stupid societal ideal of the same social class, FUCK, I. just. get. so. annoyed…

Also, yes, I know that “butt touching” is not the greatest analogy but you get my point right?

OFTTH: Oh, Peeta is it really that bad?

Look, BRAD… I know you mean well but would you kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP?  Not everybody is a good looking, popular person with a good job… okay.  I know that you don’t see me like this because we grew up together but geezus Brad… I. am. not. YOU.  I can’t just walk up to some person and have them think I am pretty okay.  I want to say it again… not EVERYBODY can.  And Brad, my friend, I get it… you are a cute little thing, and you do not have confidence issues.  But you are in the minority BRAD, not me… so FUCK YOU!  Like, I don’t hate you but FUCK! YOU!  You have it easy!  GAH!…

OFFTH:  Sorry

Look, Brad… I know you mean well but you don’t get it.  And I don’t hate you for it, but FUCK man.  Gah… Now I feel bad fictitious Brad.  I am sorry too… but I just want to be able to talk to somebody with out stupid fucking societal rules. And I am not talking about being creepy here… but why can’t I like who I like… FUCK.  I just want to be able to be into who ever I want to be with out somebody somewhere looking at me because I do not fit their idea of… well what the fuck ever… UGH.

/rant off












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