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Inspiration from a Cell Phone?


Another company has done something brilliant.  I saw THIS in February and thought it was a fluke.  An amazing fluke, but a fluke.  Now this video above.  I have trouble putting words to how amazing it is that Verizon has made this commercial.  Verizon wireless services ~122 million customers in the US as of Q1 2014.** Unless my math is sub par that is >1/3 of the entire US population.

At first the commercial doesn’t appear to be doing anything wrong.  Just a parent talking to their kids and saying things that you would normally say to a kid.  I thought it was going to be a commercial about how you want to keep track of your children.  Then they drop their little fact nugget on you around the 45 second mark and the whole thing changes.

I have a daughter.  I want her to know she can be absolutely anything she wants to be.  If she wants to be a marketing executive, a secretary, a doctor, a sports announcer, a fashion designer, a trash collector, a CEO, a stay at home mom, a call center manager, a call center employee, a stripper, a single store owner, a farmer, or anything else and I will support her 100%.  Even though I know this I also know I am guilty sometimes of telling her to not get dirty, or wanting to protect her.  I try everyday and would like to thank Verizon for a reminder.

Even if Verizon does some other shady things this is one thing they got right.


Shaving… Why?


/!\ WARNING/!\

The below content may not be suitable for people of all sensitivities.   Be aware that if the talk of genitals, hair, and sex bothers you then you may NOT want to continue reading

/!\ WARNING /!\

Why is shaving various body parts a thing?

To answer this question first I looked up to find out why we have hair to begin with.  Turns out we don’t NEED it.  On top of the head it’s a good idea to have since it has the most direct contact with the sun year round.  And as far as under the arms and in the genital area the hair acts as an amplifier for the pheromones that are released when attracting a mate.  Other than that its not really useful.

Still, we humans have it.

So why is it taboo if women don’t shave?  I mean guys are allowed to have a beard or not and society doesn’t care one way or another.  Sure some are attracted to the beard while others are not but you are not going to see a guy referred to as “dirty” or “trashy” for not shaving his face.

I believe that there are as many reasons as there are people but I will try to generalize what I think some of them might be.

1) The lack of body (not talking about genital hair here, that is later)  hair represents youth.  And since a lot of people associate beauty with youth the more youthful one can look the better.

2) The lack of hair or well groomed hair in the genital area is a preference.  Some prefer little to no hair because during oral sex you are less likely to get an eye or mouth full of hair.   And others prefer the all natural approach.

3)It has become the societal norm and people don’t like things that are different.

My partner is aware of my preferences and I am aware of hers because we talk about them.  However, if she doesn’t want to shave for any various reasons I am not going to freak out at her.  Before you get overly intimate with somebody you should know things about them.  Especially if those things are going to be a deal breaker for you.

A friend of mine told me on Sunday (the spark for this) “I cannot wait to get married so I don’t have to shave all the time anymore.”

My response, “Guurl (used as a substitute for their name) if you have to shave to get a man then you got the wrong man unless you want to keep shaving forever.  A persons preference does not change once they get married.”

My point is do what YOU feel comfortable with.  I personally like to be well groomed but you are not going to find me shaving my chest anytime soon.  And my partner doesn’t shave her legs very often and I am okay with that.

Also guys, hair is natural.  It is not any more “gross” for a girl to have hair on her legs, arms, genital region, or anywhere else so quit it.  Just stop. Why? Because you are embarrassing yourself.  This is the 21st Century.  Deal with it.


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False Self Esteem is BAD


As kids go through school and play sports, for those under the age of about 15, they are often told how awesome they are and how good they are at said activity.  They are made to believe that they are the best there has even been.  I was at a little league tournament 10-11 year olds where EVERYBODY got a trophy… even last place…

This is horrible for kids.

Let me be clear, I am not talking about when a 3 year old learns to blow bubbles in their milk for the first time and they show you.  You should shower praise upon them like never before because they figured out how to do that shit on their own and its amazing.  I am talking about when that same kid is 7 and still getting praise for blowing milk bubbles.

I saw a thing on Tumblr that says “being told i was smart and above average from a young age was probably one of the worst things to happen to me because now i have a complex and question my entire existence when i don’t excel at something right away

And its true.

There is nothing wrong with praise.  But instead of making a big deal out of the fact your 10 year old can hit a ball in the general direction of the outfield (if they have played more than that year) or that your 11 year old has memorized their 5’s multiplication table why not press them do to better?  Yes, praise them the first time and maybe even the second time if its a more difficult task, but if they come back a 3rd, 4th, and 5th time still looking for praise either be a fucking parent/adult and find out WHY they are seeking praise (there are some legit reasons for this) or nod your head and ask them what is next.

Also parents or guardians you need to be perceptive.   If your son or daughter REALLY wants to play soccer and they are not that good at it make sure you praise them for trying and give them kudos for applying effort.  But never ever ever make them believe they are the next David Beckham or Mia Hamm because they play the sport on a mediocre level.  Instead maybe help them find something they are the “next best thing” at.

And Pro Tip:  You help them find something by listening to what their interests are and making those tasks available to them NOT by encouraging them to try every activity YOU wish you were good at.

I realize this is a bit old for some of the folks who follow this blog but every single one of you has the potential to be a parent one day so please don’t poison another generation with false high self esteem.



Today I Learned: Feminism


Today I learned that Feminism is not just seeing women acting like men but its realizing that women are fully individual people.

Before folks say, “Well Duh, Peeta… are you that slow? UNSUBSCRIBE.”  I would like to submit two of the strongest female charters of this generation as examples.

Katniss – A very powerful young lady who wins the first Hunger Games on her own terms (if you are spoiled by this then I don’t know how to help you).  There are parts in future books where she seems little more than a pawn but time and time again she comes back and does things her own way.

Hermione – One of the best written female characters in a long time.  She is very much her own woman who has feeling, goals, and desires.  She can hold her own.  Even if she is somewhat sexualized in Goblet of Fire when Ron suddenly realizes she is a woman the over all development of Hermione is exceptional.

On the surface these two are fantastic however one problem with both of these portrayals is that they are both in a theatre of war and are in a lot of ways being represented in a typically male fashion giving the impression that if a woman want to be strong she needs to bring her “man suit” because its the only way she is going to get noticed.

Women are strong in so many ways you cannot categorize them.  Katniss and Hermione are great examples that still fall short in places.  I am not saying that if you cannot write perfect characters then don’t do it.  On the contrary; the fact that they exist in a sea of so many more poorly written females is encouraging.

Another thing that is troubling is  some  will point to these two characters and use them as examples that we are getting past the “old days” of sexism.  While I think we are making progress we have a long way to go and even those these two are a lesser evil they are still an evil that should not be completely ignored.

What do you think about these two characters?  (also if you like I will post your comment, just let me know by sending an e-mail to

This post was largely inspired by the video below.

Warning the comments in this video are rough


Veda Day 2


I am not sure how this didn’t go up last night but here it is (:

Hopefully I will have another one up on fairly short order.  Thank you for checking it ou.


What do Teachers Make?


Warning: Some mildly offensive language and gestures in this video

I’ve been fortunate enough to be around people who are educators my entire life. When I was in grade school, my grandmother volunteered at my school, helping with classes and helping kids gain a passion for reading that she’d instilled in me at an early age. My mother is a Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology at Champlain College in Dublin, and she always stressed how important it was for me to get an education and to constantly ask questions. Today, one of my best friends, Jennifer, is a high school English teacher, and I’ve seen how much heart and soul she puts into helping each and every one of her students, year in and year out.

Up front and honest, I’m a liberal; bleeding heart, some would say. About as far left as you can lean without jumping out of line…so I tend to side with teachers unions and educators on issues. Here in Florida, we have a standardized test called the FCAT, which in the past has been used to take funding from schools where scores on the highly criticized test were lower than the accepted levels. In all of our school districts, despite students being enrolled in different levels or courses, teachers are directed to instead cover FCAT skills – so, rather than an AP English student focusing in on the subtleties of Shakespeare’s sonnets, they are instead forced to relearn things like basic sentence structure and word definitions. To say these tests are disliked by teachers would be an understatement.

I’ve never quite understood the vilifying of public educators, yet some seem to think that just because a group is unionized – like teachers tend to be – they’re evil.  So rather than hearing teachers out on their requests for a better wage – in Florida, for example, teachers average median salary is good for 44th in the nation, according to – some legislators and voters would rather suggest, in no uncertain terms, that teachers are being greedy, that they should be happy with what they get. That a teachers time is spent in the classroom…and as such, the $ 45,732 that a Florida educator brings home in a year is somehow good pay for the seven hours a day they have to work. Oh! And it’s only nine months out of the year, they should feel fortunate that they get paid that much.

Except…it’s not seven hours a day. A Florida high school teacher’s day begins at six in the morning. They work, in an underfunded environment, struggling every second of every day to help kids become better rounded, more valuable members of society. The school day ends at 2:30 in the afternoon, sure, but their job? They’ve just hit the half way point. Many teachers are involved in intramural and extracurricular activities after hours. They have to go home and grade papers. They’re constantly evaluating educational materials and their syllabus to ensure that the hard work, sweat, and tears they put into each and every one of their students is impactful and meaningful.

I’m thankful for all the educators in my life. But, in particular, I’m thankful for Mrs. Anne Ragland. Anne (she HATED when I called her that!) is the reason you’re reading my words today. She taught me so much about writing, and built in me such a love of books and newspapers that I will never, ever be able to thank her enough. Everyone has one of those teachers that truly impact their lives in an amazing, positive way, and Anne was it for me. I can look back and remember exactly when that moment was, too. We were tasked with doing a report for our English Literature class, and we had to write about a classic British author. I was hemming and hawing between Shakespeare and Chaucer, but what I really wanted to do was write about Tolkien. So, rather than ask permission, I just did it. That was the first time I’d ever earned an A from Anne, and the feedback was simple – she said it was nice to finally see me write about something I loved. That one sentence changed my life.

Definitely Beautiful. Definitely Beautiful. Definitely. Beautiful.

~Jay Malone