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WTF Love?



/!\ Warning, Incoming Rant /!\


WTF… Love?  Like, why do you have to be so complicated?  I like that person over there because I think they have a cute butt and I would like to touch their butt but I can’t because they are part of a certain so called “social” class that I am not part of.  Also I kind of once kissed their friend when we were in elementary school… so that makes it… well weird… and their dad… teaches at my school… and is my teacher… UGH… why does this have to be so complicated??!?!?

Older friend trying to help (OFTTH): But, um… Peeta that changes once you get out of High School?

Does it?  Does it, older friend with good intentions who I really just want to punch right now for giving advice that you think is helpful but its not, DOES IT REALLY?  Cause, cause the way I see it is that it only gets worse when you are an adult.  Cause the social class thing doesn’t go away. Nope, NO, not. even. close. IT GETS WORSE!! There is still that person that you are not allowed to talk to.  Maybe its because you are a service worker and they came into your restaurant or retail store or something in a three piece suit.   I can’t talk to them, cause I have an apron on or a vest with name on it or some shit.  It’ DUMB!  And then, THEN, if I do, for some reason have the guts to talk to them… THEY think the only reason I want to chat them up is because I want their money or some shit like that.  Maybe I don’t, huh?  Did you ever think that I just think you are good looking and maybe I just want to touch your butt??  DID YOU EVER THINK THAT I AM A PERSON TOO?!?!?  Just because we are not part of the exact same social class, fuck!  Gah, and it is not really their fault it is just society being a jerk.  Like, fuck society.  Ugh!  It is just stupid!  There is NO reason I cannot tell somebody they have a great butt and have them act like I have some fucking disease or something… Like, just because I dared to talk to them when we do not fit some stupid societal ideal of the same social class, FUCK, I. just. get. so. annoyed…

Also, yes, I know that “butt touching” is not the greatest analogy but you get my point right?

OFTTH: Oh, Peeta is it really that bad?

Look, BRAD… I know you mean well but would you kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP?  Not everybody is a good looking, popular person with a good job… okay.  I know that you don’t see me like this because we grew up together but geezus Brad… I. am. not. YOU.  I can’t just walk up to some person and have them think I am pretty okay.  I want to say it again… not EVERYBODY can.  And Brad, my friend, I get it… you are a cute little thing, and you do not have confidence issues.  But you are in the minority BRAD, not me… so FUCK YOU!  Like, I don’t hate you but FUCK! YOU!  You have it easy!  GAH!…

OFFTH:  Sorry

Look, Brad… I know you mean well but you don’t get it.  And I don’t hate you for it, but FUCK man.  Gah… Now I feel bad fictitious Brad.  I am sorry too… but I just want to be able to talk to somebody with out stupid fucking societal rules. And I am not talking about being creepy here… but why can’t I like who I like… FUCK.  I just want to be able to be into who ever I want to be with out somebody somewhere looking at me because I do not fit their idea of… well what the fuck ever… UGH.

/rant off












Help Lines


In light of recent events around the world and not being qualified to talk about it I thought I would leave contact information for people who are.  I pulled this link of information from THIS vlogbrothers video.  Hank is not an expert but the video has good resources and I wanted to credit him.


Tuesday Talk: The Choice


On my way to work today I was flipping through the radio channels and I happened onto conservative talk radio.  I don’t know who is on at 10am but they mentioned the taboo subject of abortion and why its wrong.  They went on this tirade about how life begins a conception and if you don’t want to get pregnant then you shouldn’t have sex and blah blah blah.

I know this is a very sensitive subject for a lot of people but I felt compelled to say a few things on this as somebody who is largely labeled conservative by my friends and liberal by my family.  So please know that I will probably use trigger words and am also likely to upset just about everybody with this post.  Please only read past the break if you choose.

Other wise here is a link to other more mild stories: LINK

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Shaving… Why?


/!\ WARNING/!\

The below content may not be suitable for people of all sensitivities.   Be aware that if the talk of genitals, hair, and sex bothers you then you may NOT want to continue reading

/!\ WARNING /!\

Why is shaving various body parts a thing?

To answer this question first I looked up to find out why we have hair to begin with.  Turns out we don’t NEED it.  On top of the head it’s a good idea to have since it has the most direct contact with the sun year round.  And as far as under the arms and in the genital area the hair acts as an amplifier for the pheromones that are released when attracting a mate.  Other than that its not really useful.

Still, we humans have it.

So why is it taboo if women don’t shave?  I mean guys are allowed to have a beard or not and society doesn’t care one way or another.  Sure some are attracted to the beard while others are not but you are not going to see a guy referred to as “dirty” or “trashy” for not shaving his face.

I believe that there are as many reasons as there are people but I will try to generalize what I think some of them might be.

1) The lack of body (not talking about genital hair here, that is later)  hair represents youth.  And since a lot of people associate beauty with youth the more youthful one can look the better.

2) The lack of hair or well groomed hair in the genital area is a preference.  Some prefer little to no hair because during oral sex you are less likely to get an eye or mouth full of hair.   And others prefer the all natural approach.

3)It has become the societal norm and people don’t like things that are different.

My partner is aware of my preferences and I am aware of hers because we talk about them.  However, if she doesn’t want to shave for any various reasons I am not going to freak out at her.  Before you get overly intimate with somebody you should know things about them.  Especially if those things are going to be a deal breaker for you.

A friend of mine told me on Sunday (the spark for this) “I cannot wait to get married so I don’t have to shave all the time anymore.”

My response, “Guurl (used as a substitute for their name) if you have to shave to get a man then you got the wrong man unless you want to keep shaving forever.  A persons preference does not change once they get married.”

My point is do what YOU feel comfortable with.  I personally like to be well groomed but you are not going to find me shaving my chest anytime soon.  And my partner doesn’t shave her legs very often and I am okay with that.

Also guys, hair is natural.  It is not any more “gross” for a girl to have hair on her legs, arms, genital region, or anywhere else so quit it.  Just stop. Why? Because you are embarrassing yourself.  This is the 21st Century.  Deal with it.


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LGBT Month: Open Letter to Cisgendered People


In the interest of full disclosure I want to say I consider myself to be lucky to be born male and also identify both romantically and sexually as straight in the sense that I do not have to deal with the pressures of falling outside of societal norms.

With that I want to write an imperfect open letter to all of those out there who are cisgendered and are confused by or do not like transgendered people.

Dear Cisgendered People,

I understand that when somebody comes up to you and they have breasts and more feminine features and wants you to call them something else besides mam it can be confusing but just like if you prefer to go by Bob or Sue instead of Robert or Susan they can choose what to be called because of what they say their gender is.  And yes, some of the folks who do not identify cis are going to get super offended when you call them by the wrong pronoun but because they are regular people just like you and me it can be upsetting to have to correct people all the time but it doesn’t make them any less human.

Also, why is it so offensive that somebody isn’t exactly like you?  We have come a long way as a society in accepting people who are different but we still have a long way to go and a phobia who happen to have different sexual and/or romantic feelings towards others is not helping.

Think of it this way; people are like colours.  There are the primary colours of Blue, Red, and Yellow which would be Male, Female, Intersex (those born with both parts or no parts at all so they cannot be medically classified as male or female).  Then there are the secondary colours, which are Purple, Orange, and Green. To me these are the less complicated gender roles which would be Gay, Lesbian, and Asexual (having no sexual preferences at all).  The best thing about this is that it does not stop there because people are a wonderful array of nuance.

This means that rather than people fitting into a color wheel like this

or even this

It is more like this

and even that is ignoring things like saturation and many other color type things I do not understand.  And just like that there are so many options for somebody to be when it comes to sex, gender, romantic feelings, sexual feelings, and choice that there is no way to define it with a million billion colors let alone a handful of words.

So I am asking pleading with people in general but especially cis folks to stop hating just because somebody is different from you.  You are not required to understand everything.  And I get it, because everybody does it, that it is easier to put a label on everything so that it can be easily sorted but as us wonderful brilliant human beings explore and learn more about ourselves and the universe around us things are going to get harder and harder to define because there is going to be more and more things to define.

People are special because they are people and there should be no other requirement.  So rather than hate and discriminate because there are things you do not understand ask questions and gain a deeper understanding.  And in the off chance you do not want a deeper understand that should be okay too (I will talk more about that in my open letter to the LGBT folks). Just stop the hate.