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Help Lines


In light of recent events around the world and not being qualified to talk about it I thought I would leave contact information for people who are.  I pulled this link of information from THIS vlogbrothers video.  Hank is not an expert but the video has good resources and I wanted to credit him.


Nerdfighters meet Threadbangers


For some reason I thought all Nerdfighters knew what Threadbanger was. But I’ve come to learn otherwise. Hence the article.

Threadbanger started the same way the Vlogbrothers did. Youtube and viewers. Now it is a full blown communal site of awesome. Creating, recycling, and decreasing world suck in their own way. I encourage everyone to explore this site.  Threadbangers focus on improving your surroundings through the aesthetic. Making your own chalk paint, how to make a T Shirt into a wedding dress, and how vinyl makes everything prettier. They often bring on fellow youtubers to instruct us on a new craft.

Their youtube site has this to say:

About ThreadBanger

Todays hippest trends arent in New York, Paris, or Milan. They’re waiting for you in your closet, your attic, and the thrift shop down the street. Make your own style, send us proof, and become a ThreadBanger! Email us:

They even have their own special hand gesture!

So, fan out and make new friends.