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PSA: Punch a Dude


Here is the thing.  It is frustrating when a woman starts to walk faster just because I happened to come out of my house as she was walking by.  It drives me crazy!  Thing is that I am not upset with the lady at all when this happens.  I am pissed of at the way society has treated women for the last fuckityousand years.

So yeah, get pissed when a women starts walking faster just because you happen to be behind her.  But please for the love of all, do not get mad at her, instead go punch a dude who thinks its appropriate to oogle a woman and then get pissed when she doesn’t go home with him.


Tuesday Talk: The Choice


On my way to work today I was flipping through the radio channels and I happened onto conservative talk radio.  I don’t know who is on at 10am but they mentioned the taboo subject of abortion and why its wrong.  They went on this tirade about how life begins a conception and if you don’t want to get pregnant then you shouldn’t have sex and blah blah blah.

I know this is a very sensitive subject for a lot of people but I felt compelled to say a few things on this as somebody who is largely labeled conservative by my friends and liberal by my family.  So please know that I will probably use trigger words and am also likely to upset just about everybody with this post.  Please only read past the break if you choose.

Other wise here is a link to other more mild stories: LINK

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Lawrence’s v. Hathaway’s Messages


So lets talk about these two wonderful Actors.

Before we get started let me say I adore both of them.  They are tops at what they do and I believe they can play a multitude of roles VERY well and should get all of the awards.

Now to the subject at hand

Lawrence says she refuses to change her body type even for a role on Hollywood because she doesn’t want to conform to stupid standards.  Hathaway did change her body type for a role (Les Miserables) but expresses repeatedly that she did it for the role only.

These are two different messages and people seem to think they are the same because they have to deal with body image.  The message the Lawrence is sending is that she doesn’t have to what is asked of her to do her job; which includes losing weight for a character that is supposed to barely nourished.  The message that Hathaway is sending is that she will lose a bunch of weight to do a job because she is an actress and sometimes when you are set to play a malnourished character you need to look the part but that does not mean that a thin body image is to be glorified.

Look, I know people are going to be upset about this; and I love Jennifer Lawrence”s acting but the message that she is sending is not one of good body image.  It is, “I am so good that I don’t have to do what most people would have to do to get the part, so deal with it if you want me in your movie.”   This is the equivalent of Will Smith saying, “I know that Ali did X in his life but I don’t agree with it so I won’t act that part of the movie.”

So before we give Lawrence “all the things” for being a wonderful person who is fighting for women who are being oppressed lets take an actual look at what she is saying.  It’s not that she is wrong about how messed up women’s body image is.  It is just that her message is not being conveyed very well.

Does anybody else see this or am I all alone?



Shaving… Why?


/!\ WARNING/!\

The below content may not be suitable for people of all sensitivities.   Be aware that if the talk of genitals, hair, and sex bothers you then you may NOT want to continue reading

/!\ WARNING /!\

Why is shaving various body parts a thing?

To answer this question first I looked up to find out why we have hair to begin with.  Turns out we don’t NEED it.  On top of the head it’s a good idea to have since it has the most direct contact with the sun year round.  And as far as under the arms and in the genital area the hair acts as an amplifier for the pheromones that are released when attracting a mate.  Other than that its not really useful.

Still, we humans have it.

So why is it taboo if women don’t shave?  I mean guys are allowed to have a beard or not and society doesn’t care one way or another.  Sure some are attracted to the beard while others are not but you are not going to see a guy referred to as “dirty” or “trashy” for not shaving his face.

I believe that there are as many reasons as there are people but I will try to generalize what I think some of them might be.

1) The lack of body (not talking about genital hair here, that is later)  hair represents youth.  And since a lot of people associate beauty with youth the more youthful one can look the better.

2) The lack of hair or well groomed hair in the genital area is a preference.  Some prefer little to no hair because during oral sex you are less likely to get an eye or mouth full of hair.   And others prefer the all natural approach.

3)It has become the societal norm and people don’t like things that are different.

My partner is aware of my preferences and I am aware of hers because we talk about them.  However, if she doesn’t want to shave for any various reasons I am not going to freak out at her.  Before you get overly intimate with somebody you should know things about them.  Especially if those things are going to be a deal breaker for you.

A friend of mine told me on Sunday (the spark for this) “I cannot wait to get married so I don’t have to shave all the time anymore.”

My response, “Guurl (used as a substitute for their name) if you have to shave to get a man then you got the wrong man unless you want to keep shaving forever.  A persons preference does not change once they get married.”

My point is do what YOU feel comfortable with.  I personally like to be well groomed but you are not going to find me shaving my chest anytime soon.  And my partner doesn’t shave her legs very often and I am okay with that.

Also guys, hair is natural.  It is not any more “gross” for a girl to have hair on her legs, arms, genital region, or anywhere else so quit it.  Just stop. Why? Because you are embarrassing yourself.  This is the 21st Century.  Deal with it.


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About Girls and Wonderly


If you watched the seventh installment of Benjamin Cooks “Becoming YouTube,” then you know its focus was on the females of YouTube and some of the challenges they face. The essential question the video sought to answer regarding this was “why?” Why is it harder for girls to make it big?

Lately, more and more people are taking a stand for girls who want to create and express their thoughts and opinions on YouTube. People from John Green to Tyler Oakley have commented on this issue and posted incomplete lists of several female vloggers worth watching.

One major contributor, or even leader, to bring awareness of female talent and encourage it is a website called Wonderly.  What is Wonderly? To put it simply, it is a place for girls to discover amazing new things and be inspired to create amazing new things. The website features a ton of video recommendations. Each month has a theme and anyone is allowed to  get involved and submit their creative content to be displayed.

Two specific vloggers that I encountered there are Emily the Brave and MarinaShutUp, whose content I really enjoy for their blunt, yet funny nature.They also feature my favorite web series, Squaresville. The show is in its second season and each episode is about the same length as your average YouTube video. It depicts two girls growing up in the suburbs facing challenges many teenagers go through. Its ability to be relatable is what makes it a good show.

However, it is more than just a place for entertainment. The creation of Wonderly is important. At least I, personally, think it is. While women have made great progress to find equality in a male dominated society, there is still much to be done.  Wonderly is a great tool to motivate girls to use their talent and share it with the world. It is a great way to boost their confidence and be assured that what they can do is not just being noticed, but is also being celebrated. I am sure Wonderly and all of its supporters will reach great new heights to have girls be seen as talented equals and also have them feel like talented equals. I wish them all of the best.

If you haven’t yet taken the time to check out Wonderly, do it now and see for yourself the awesome things that are happening there.



Guest Response to: Women v. Men in sports


If you think about it, this is a better idea in the long run for women. Say, for instance, women wanted to compete in the NFL, or Major League Baseball. If they could out-run, out-pitch, or out tackle the guys, they should absolutely get a spot on professional teams.

You say the trade-off would mean men would be allowed to compete in women’s teams. I counter with this point: why would they want to?

With the exception, in the United States, of Women’s Soccer, male-only leagues and franchises are far more lucrative than their female counterparts. This is due to many factors, some of which are sexist, but regardless, on the whole, it makes women more competitive.

The chance for women to be in the NFL helps female athletes so much, it’s worth giving up a few spots–or even half of them–in the WPFL. It gives female athletes opportunities to play in the “big leagues,” and make millions, rather than settle for the poor pay and zero recognition that comes from being relegated to the WPFL.

If men want the opportunity to make middling wage playing football rarely even televised in the WPFL, I’m all for it, so long as women are given the same opportunity in the NFL.

Lucy Merriman (

PS – Keep up these posts, btw! I like hearing guy-nerdfighter takes on feminist issues.


Guest Response to: Women v. Men in sports


As a collegiate athlete, all I have to say is if they can be competitive on a fair and level playing field, why not? There is actually a division 3 Men’s lacrosse program (keep in mind men and women’s lacrosse are pretty much completely different sports) that has a woman on the team.

Maybe I am more liberal than most, but only complaint I can see is other men not wanting to get “physical” with women.